Community Survey #3

Fremont, CA Urban Forest Management Plan

Survey Closed - See Results Below

The City of Fremont and PlanIT Geo planning consultants sought to measure community perceptions related to Fremont’s urban forest ranging from perceptions such as:

-benefits and value of trees in the community

-the health and quality of public trees

-the overall care and management including the City’s role in care and management

-funding preferences for improvements in maintenance of public trees and the urban forest

In turn, the City and planning consultants contracted with the National Research Center at Polco to conduct a scientific survey of residents in Fremont. Of the 2,000 randomly selected hourseholds chosen for the survey, a total of 245 completed surveys were returned from an estimated successful reception of 1,965 households, for a response rate of 12%. The households were selected from the areas outlined in the color coded map to the right.

Survey results were weighted so that respondent age, gender, race, ethnicity, District of residency, housing unit type and housing tenure status (rent or own) were represented in the proportions reflective of the entire community. The margin of error is plus or minus six percentage points around any given percent for all results.

Survey Area Map