Community Survey #1

Fremont, CA Urban Forest Management Plan

Survey Closed - See Results Below

The following survey results were compiled from the first survey to gather an understanding of community values and preferences around trees and to improve the City’s community outreach and engagement efforts. The results of this brief survey will help guide the development of the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan. This survey considered your perception of trees on public property—think street right-of-way and parks—as well as private trees—trees on yours and your neighbor’s property. This was the first of three planned surveys, with the focus of gathering community input on “what we have” as well as determining current tree care roles, responsibilities, needs, and desires.

From the planning consultants at PlanIT Geo and the City’s Urban Forester,

Thank you for your participation!

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Q1: Are tree present in your life or normal routine? If so, how?

Q2: What is your experience with tree care?

Q3: Do you feel as if trees impact your life?

Q4: If you answered yes, how so?

Q5: Which of the following most closely describes your opinions on the amount of tree canopy coverage in the City?

Q6: From the list below, please choose the areas you feel are most in need of more tree plantings

Q7: Of the following tree planting and care issues, which are the most important concerns to you?

Q8: Understanding which tree benefits are most appreciated by residents can help guide long-term management strategies. Please rate the importance of each of the following benefits on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most important).

Q9: Which of the following is your most preferred method of learning about trees and tree care?

Q10: Please select from the following:

Q11: When was the last time you had tree work done on your street tree?