UFMP Components: Pulling the Plan Together

This page will be your guide to the step by step culmination of all Fremont’s UFMP components.

UFMP Draft Vision

Fremont’s trees are recognized as integral to the quality of life for all City residents as well as for the City’s urban character and natural environments. A healthy, thriving, and sustainable urban forest remains a longstanding community priority and will be thoughtfully managed in a way to maximize a range of public benefits including a thriving ecosystem, a vibrant economy, and a livable community shared by all.

Guiding Principles

Green Asset Management

Health and Sustainability

Program Efficiencies and Fair Policies

Preservation and Resiliency

Community Engagement

UFMP Draft Goals

Managing the Urban Forest Asset

Growing a Sustainable Urban Forest

Strengthening the Urban Forestry Program

Preserving the Urban Forest

Engaging the Community